Ahoy! Holiday Shopping!

Roughly three weeks left for you to finish your Christmas shopping list. So many things to do in so little time! What’s even more challenging is the fact that most of the items on your list are not available in the Philippines. You have the money to travel overseas but really you can’t just fit a few days off on your schedule. Oh that’s just awful! Luckily two young entrepreneurs saw the need to address disregarded issue.

Galleon.ph aims to take online shopping in the Philippines to new heights. They showcase products that are not available in the Philippines to give Filipino shoppers an experience that is refreshing as much as it is exciting. The name Galleon.ph was adopted from the Spanish trading ships called Manila Galleons, which came to the Philippines once or twice a year to bring commodities back in 1500.

Filipinos back then trade what they have for goods not available to them. Having the same concept as the Manila Galleons. The founders thought of adopting the practice with a modern twist. They incorporated their idea and came up in building a local ecommerce site that will cater to such challenge.

Mr. Jeffrey Siy, co-founder of Galleon.ph said, “With Galleon.ph we were trying to solve 3 pain points. Those who don’t have a credit card to buy from USA websites, those who don’t want to deal with logistics or forwarding company and their estimates on shipping costs, those who don’t want to deal with customs.”

Shopping in Galleon.ph is very convenient with the wide range of imported items in their database. And even if the items you’re looking for are not in their database, they can source this product and email you once the price has been provided. Needless to say, Galleon.ph aims to be the best shopping destination for Filipinos.

For an added convenience, Mr. Siy said: “We bundle everything together. The customer understands how much he/she needs to pay in total and we handle the rest. The customer service we offer is also outstanding as we want each and every customer to be happy after contacting us.” There are more than 400,000 products that are approved for purchase. Galleon.ph sells clothes, shoes, accessories, gadgets, books, beauty products and even food among many others.

Having the same goal to help the booming ecommerce industry in the Philippines, they partnered with Dragonpay to attend to those people who don’t have credit cards. Dragonpay’s main objective is to give the Filipino shoppers the ability to shop online by using their cash or even their online banking accounts. Currently, Dragonpay supports cash payments in 14 banks and several payment centers such as SM Payments, Robinsons Department Store, LBC and others.

Galleon.ph recently offered the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale just last November 28 and December 1 respectively. Didn’t know about the big sale? Don’t fret because this Christmas season they’ll offer a FREE Gift Wrapping service with no minimum purchase required.

All throughout the year, Galleon.ph also offers a 3% off on product price for those who are willing to share their purchase/s on Facebook. Lastly, Mr. Siy shared with us that they are planning on launching a membership program that entitles members to yearlong discounts, FREE gift wrapping, and other VIP services.

Surely, Galleon shoppers will continue to be thrilled for the coming year. Watch out next year as Galleon have more surprises in store for their customers. More products, lower prices, faster shipping, and exciting promos!

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