Bags are packed! Ready to go?

“It’s so hot!” That’s what you hear mostly from people nowadays. Simply because it’s summer time!

The Philippines has a really hot weather during summer.  The scorching sun is twice as hot if not thrice this time of the year. You’ll sweat even when you just got out of the shower! Yeah, that’s just really irritating.

But don’t fret! There are tons of beaches and summer destinations that can combat this weather. Summer is the perfect time to bond with your family and even friends.  Now the question is where to go and how to get there.

One of the cheapest means of transportation is by riding a bus. But thinking of the long lines in the bus stations will make you just stroll in the mall. Pinoy Travel can help you with booking for your bus trips online!

Pinoy Travel is the first online bus ticket booking service in the Philippines. They also have the largest selection of routes you can choose from.


Ms. Aurora Soriano, CEO of Pinoy Travel said that as a child she and her family also experienced waiting in bus stations because they travel a lot. Having worked in the tech industry, she thought of making things better for travellers. Quoted from her, “About 2 years ago, I noticed that people travel still the same way – waiting by the roadside or buy tickets in advance by physically going to the bus terminal.”

The Pinoy Travel team saw that the internet penetration is growing and people are starting to warm up to e-commerce. The online booking facility became to life because they believe that one of the key propositions of a service positioned company is “convenience.”

They have partnered with Victory Liner, Five Star, Genesis and other bus companies. Currently, they’re talking with other bus companies so that their clients will have more options for their travels.

You can book a trip by logging in to Not only that, you can pay via Dragonpay which is twice more convenient for you. Forget about going to the bus station and be a chance passenger. Book your trips now and be ready to go in no time!

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