BDO Retail Internet Banking Bills Payment How-To

You may make online payments to Dragonpay-accredited merchants using your BDO Retail Internet Banking (RIB) facility.  Please note that payments made through this channel will only reflect the next day.  So if you are purchasing a product or service with a payment deadline on the same day, do not use this payment option.  You may use BDO RIB Fund Transfer instead.

Step 1

Login to BDO RIB.
BDO Retail Internet Banking Login Screen

Step 2

From the main menu, go to Financial Services >> Bills Payment >> Pay Bills.

BDO RIB Bills Payment

Step 3

For Pay From, choose your account where the payment will be deducted from.   Check the tick box to Show Company/Biller not requiring enrollment.  From the Pay this Company/Biller dropdown list, select DRAGONPAY CORPORATION.

In the Amount field, enter the exact amount due.  For Remarks, enter your Dragonpay 8-char reference no.  Copy-and-paste the 10-digit Subscriber No. from your instruction and type your name under Subscriber Name.  Click the Submit button to proceed.

BDO RIB Bills Payment

Step 4

BDO RIB will display a Transaction Acknowledgement screen.

BDO RIB Bills Payment

Logout from BDO RIB.  (Note: BDO RIB will also send a confirmation email to your registered email address. )

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