How to Pay Using BPI Express Teller ATM

You may make online payments to Dragonpay-accredited merchants using your BPI Express Teller ATM Card.  Using this method will save you a lot of time because you do not have to go through the bank teller customer queue.  You can also make payments anytime at your convenience 24 x 7.  There are no extra charges on you.  Just note though that ATM payments are processed next day.

Step 1

Before you can use this payment channel, you have to setup your Express Teller account to work with Dragonpay by enrolling it as an ATM biller.  If you have already performed this step before, you may skip to Step 2.

There are two ways to perform the enrollment:

  1. Go to any  BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank branch (depending on which of the two banks your account is with) and fill up the application form for enrolling billers to your ATM card.  You just have to provide your ATM card number and indicate DRAGONPAY as the biller that you want to enroll.  Submit it to the bank officer.  This normally takes 1 to 2 business days to complete before DRAGONPAY appears on your ATM screen.  If you try to do this at a different branch from your branch of account, it can take more days as the application form will have to be forwarded first to your mother branch.  So it is best to do this at your branch of account directly.
  2. The simpler and recommended way is to do it by phone:
    1. Dial the BPI Hotline 89-100 (you might need to dial the area code 02 if you are outside of Metro Manila or use the toll-free hotline 1-800-188-89100 where available)
    2. When the IVR starts playing, press “0” for Other Products & Services
    3. Press “0” again for Other Concerns
    4. Press “1” for Express Teller and wait for a telephone officer to assist you.
    5. Once a phone officer is on the line, he/she will verify your identity by asking for your account number and other personal details.
    6. After providing all the details, advise her that you wish to enroll DRAGONPAY as an ATM biller for your account.
    7. When prompted for a reference no. or a subscriber no., tell the phone officer “01“.
    8. If he/she prompts you for any other details (ex. 10-digit transaction no.), tell him/her to leave it blank as it is not needed.
    9. This enrollment process normally takes one day to complete.

Step 2

Go to any BPI ATM nationwide and insert your BPI Express Teller ATM card.  Choose Pay Bills from the ATM menu.  You will be presented with a list of billers enrolled to your ATM account.  If you have gone through the enrollment process described in Step 1 above, you should see DRAGONPAY listed in your screen.  Select DRAGONPAY and click the appropriate button to continue.

Step 3

The ATM machine will prompt you for a Validation Number.   Enter the 10-digit ATM Validation Number that is indicated in your email instruction.  Then type in the exact amount due indicated in the same email instruction.  Confirm the payment on screen and that’s it!

Step 4

Dragonpay processes BPI ATM payments by batch the following day.  You will be automatically notified via email once payment has been processed.

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