Flowers for a Cause

A bouquet of flowers is probably the most popular gift for any occasion. A flower arrangement can be given as a gift during birthdays, anniversaries and other special events. Flowers are also given to sick loved ones or acquaintances that can help alleviate their mood. Of course flowers are given to people who are dear to our heart. Men love giving flowers to their girlfriends or wives and even to their mothers.

Traditionally, in order to buy a flower bouquet you must visit a flower shop and select your preferred arrangement. You then wait for the florist to finish the design and take it with you so you can give it to your recipient. But with today’s technology, flower arrangements can already be ordered online and be delivered straight to your doorstep!

Did you know that there is a website where you can order any flower arrangement? is an online flower marketplace where every Filipino around the globe can choose exquisite flower arrangements in a single online store and send it over to their loved ones anywhere in the Philippines in the most convenient way possible. With’s partnership with more than a 100 florists nationwide, you will surely find an exquisite floral arrangement that you want. also offers same-day-delivery to chosen destinations. One of the distinctive features of their site is that it has unique search engine equipped with a national directory in its location search box. Its main function is to direct the customers to the floral arrangements and other products that are deliverable at their recipient’s location.

Clients can purchase products from different providers at a time, and will get a notification from each provider where they’ve bought products. To make your purchase at even more convenient, they partnered with Dragonpay for your payment processing.  Dragonpay accepts payments thru over-the-counter payments in banks and payment centers, as well as, online banking. don’t only provide flower arrangements. They sell products such as chocolates, stuff toys, and jewelries that will surely compliment the flower arrangement you ordered. With their unique proposition, their service has already reached people from around the globe as they have served clients from USA, Canada, and Australia. also has a program called “ONE BUY. ONE FILIPINO.” For every flower arrangement purchased, gives school supplies such as notebooks, pencils and ball pens to student beneficiaries. These students are located in remote barangays in the country who are in deep need of school materials. This program envisions to slowly create a sustainable solution to Filipino children who need school materials that can help in their education. It also aims to improve the economy in the local community through the businesses and jobs created. Banner

So this coming Valentine’s Day, why not order online at When you purchase from them, you give happiness not only to your gift recipients but also to the student beneficiaries of their program. Not to mention the convenience on your end. You can have the arrangements delivered as they also provide free shipping. Enjoy your online shopping at!

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