Busy bee? Be worry free!

For most busy people, shopping is a waste of their valuable time.  Especially on weekends, malls are too crowded because families enjoy eating at restaurants, watching the latest movies and the list goes on. Most of them really don’t have a choice when it comes to buying things they need.

But thanks to technology, online shopping came in to the picture! Many companies today now offer purchasing their products thru their websites via Dragonpay.  Long lines for paying in the cashier, waiting for a sales person to assist you and going thru the grueling traffic are some of the reasons why people opt to buy online.


Internationale Globale Marques, Inc., (IGM) recognized the change in the retail landscape which now includes the digital channel. IGM is the leading distributor, manufacturer, and licensor of branded children’s products in the Philippines. < http://igm-ph.com/>


Being adaptable to changes, they realized the need to launch into the e-commerce trade to reach more customers, fulfilling its mission to bring well-known children and teen’s brands closer to the Filipino shopper. Their impressive and diverse brands give their customers selections that do not sacrifice quality and value for money.

And of course since the christmas season is fast approaching! According to Ms. Iris Camacho from the Business Development Team, “We have beefed up our portfolio with play and learning products just in time for the holiday season, customers can expect a lot of exclusive online promos in this category, on top of our regular gimmicks in store and the much-anticipated Christmas warehouse sale. The Online Exclusives, as what we have termed it, will be offered soon in October. We will make gifting to kids and parents with kids as easy as possible by suggesting gift packs perfect for each age range and interest areas (ie., Explorer Gift Packs for Toddlers).”

So don’t worry when your son and daughter requests for a new toy or some clothes!  Or you need to buy a gift for your nephew or niece’s birthday. You can now buy these things in the comfort of your home or while you’re in the office. You’re a few clicks away from granting their requests or giving the best birthday gift. Don’t forget to recommend the same to your siblings and colleagues that are stressed thinking of how to get the perfect gift for kids and even teenagers. They will really appreciate your gesture because you’ll be saving them from a lot of hassle!

You can purchase from IGM’s online store and pay through Dragonpay.

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