Dragonpay Credits

Dragonpay Credits is a novel way of paying online using your mobile device.  It works on the basic concept of prepaid credits. The user tops-up his Dragonpay Mobile Wallet using the various payment channels available.  He then goes to any of the hundreds of merchants supporting Dragonpay and uses his mobile app to click on the Quick Response (QR) Code displayed on screen.  Payment processing is immediate and hassle-free.

How do I get started?

The first step is to download the Dragonpay mobile app.  The app is currently available for public download in Android Play Store (the iOS version is on the way).

mobile-app-1   mobile-app-2

Once downloaded and installed on your mobile device, fire up the application and signup.  You will be required to register an email address and a 6-digit numeric PIN.  Please make sure to specify the email address that you use when making online purchases at the various e-commerce sites.  If you specify a different email address, it will not be able to track your purchases and payments correctly.

mobile-app-3  mobile-app-4

After completing the registration and email confirmation steps, you will now be able to login normally to the mobile app.  The initial screen that will greet you shows your transactions pending for payment.  You may click the line items to view the details and actual payment instruction on the device.

At the bottom part of the screen are two buttons: Pay and Top-Up.  If you have not yet pre-loaded any credits, you will not be able to use the Pay button.  Select Top-Up first and follow the prompts on how to pre-load credits using the various payment channels Dragonpay supports.  You can view your running credits balance at the upper right corner of the app.  You can also click the Credits History tab to see your activities.  (Note: a minimum amount of PHP 200.00 is required per top-up).

When paying a Dragonpay merchant, select Dragonpay Prepaid Credits from the dropdown list.credits-1

A QR Code will appear on screen.  From your mobile app, click the Pay button at the lower left corner.  Your mobile device’s camera will get activated.  Align the box on the mobile camera to the QR Code on screen.


When the QR Code is read by the mobile app, your prepaid credits will be immediately deducted by the amount requested by the merchant, and they will also be notified in real-time of payment completion.

You may watch this short video tutorial (ENGLISH VERSION) on how to use the mobile app.

Or you can view the same video in TAGALOG VERSION here:

Why should I use this Mobile App?

Reason #1 – There are several Dragonpay merchants who can only accept real-time payments because of the nature of their business.  One such popular merchant is AirAsia.  Because airline seats sell fast, bookings have to be confirmed in a short span of time.  Passengers with no online banking facility cannot use Dragonpay to pay for their AirAsia booking as a result of this.  The Mobile App solves this problem!  Customer now only needs to open a Mobile App account and top it up using any offline or over-the-counter option available.  Then customer selects Dragonpay Credits as payment option in AirAsia.com during checkout and pays using Prepaid Credits.

Reason #2 – Dragonpay supports several digital content merchants especially online game publishers.  Online gaming points normally come in small denominations making it impractical to top-up using the more expensive over-the-counter options.  The solution is for gamers to pre-load larger credits onto their Dragonpay Mobile App.  Then they can use Prepaid Credits to make bite-size digital purchases from various gaming sites supporting us.

Reason #3 – Heavy users of Dragonpay such as business centers and travel agents usually enroll our bank accounts to their online facility so that they can conveniently use online banking as their payment option.  There are downsides to this method such as: 1.) every now and then, banks would conduct maintenance on their system making it unavailable for a certain duration; 2.) some of our online banking channels that are more expensive to process, come with a slight premium (usually P5.00).  By using Prepaid Credits, there are no worries over bank downtimes.  Payments are instant.  There is also no additional surcharge per payment.  So heavy business users earn more.

Reason #4 – Rewards!  Earn Cebu Pacific GetGo or Robinsons Rewards points when you shop using Dragonpay and Prepaid Credits.

Download our Dragonpay Credits mobile app to easily track your transactions. Enjoy super fast checkout payment at our merchants.


To know more about Dragonpay Prepaid Credits, contact our Customer Support.

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