Digital Commerce 2013

The Digital Commerce Summit 2013 will be held at Hotel Intercontinental in Makati on Feb 27 to 28, 2013.  It is organized by the Digital Commerce Association of the Philippines (DCOM). The theme for this year’s Summit is: ‘Overdrive: E-Commerce Shifts Into High Gear’. The theme articulates DCOM’s advocacy to move forward the E-Commerce industry in the Philippines at this point of bullish economy, rapid technological change, and shifting consumer behavior and lifestyles affecting digital marketplaces around the globe.

Various Digital Commerce Experts will be presenting and sharing business ideas, thought leadership, industry trends, forecasts & challenges, and case studies that successfully work in their respective businesses. The conference will be attended by 150 delegates mostly Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Retailers, E-Commerce Managers, Mobile Commerce Managers, Marketing Managers, Telcos, Ad Agencies, Publishers, Bloggers, etc.


Day 1, February 27, 2013, Wednesday

  1. Keynote Presentation
  2. The State of Customer Service in E-Commerce (Tools and Best Practices)
  3. Managing and Mitigating Fraud in Online Business
  4. Delivery, Order Fulfillment and Logistics
  5. Managing Successful Online Stores
  6. Online Marketing (SEO/SEM)
  7. Fund Raising Online for CSR

Day 2, February 28, 2013, Thursday

  1. PPP (Private-Public Partnership) to Move E-Commerce in the Philippines
  2. The Evolution of Deal Sites in the Philippines
  3. Mobile Commerce Today and Tomorrow
  4. Social Media and E-Commerce: Myth or Reality
  5. Big Names Go Digital
  6. After 6 Months: Lessons Learned in the Philippine Market


  • Know the current industry situationer and landscape of the e-commerce in the Philippines
  • Listen to trends and forecasts shaping the e-commerce industry both local and global
  • Get global business perspective from Experts
  • Get insights, strategies and big business ideas
  • Learn from case studies and experiences of key players in the e-commerce industry
  • Get a chance to pitch your business with VCs, Incubators, and Investors
  • Meet and network with e-commerce Experts, Business Owners, Investors, and Merchants


Php 16,000 for 2 days attendance
US$ 450 for Foreign Nationals

  • 15% discount to NGOs, Trade Associations, Chamber of Commerce
  • 20% discount to Academe, Students, Government and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Package of 5+1 Group Package (send 5 Delegates + 1 Free)

Fees are inclusive of meals and conference kit.


Private Businesses (Large, SMEs, Micro) on B2B, B2C, C2C, Payment Gateway, Ad Suppliers, Fulfillment and Logistics Service Providers, Banks, Government, Security and Fraud Agencies, Telcos, Group Buying Sites, Mobile Service Providers, Content Providers, Bloggers, App Developers, Digital Marketing Agencies, Digital Commerce Service Providers (web developers/design, hosting, etc.) and those who are involved in e-commerce.


Call: +632-8960637, 8960639
Email: [email protected]
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Fax: +632-8960637

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February 27-28, 2013.

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