IPO Electronic Filing Accepts Online Payments

Protecting your own work against duplicators or imitators is an important thing to do. Others might benefit from your own design. Protecting an industrial design provides security for the long haul. It can stop any copycat from obliterating a brand’s market and avoiding any infringers from creating further damage.

The IPOPHL Industrial Design Electronic Filing System (eIDfile) is the online filing system of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) for Industrial Design applications.

Dragonpay and IPOPHL partnership was launched last October 27, 2016.  Dragonpay is now an official payment facility of IPOPHL. Clients who wish to pay for their filing of Industrial Design applications can now choose to pay through Dragonpay, without the need to go to the IPOPHL. The partnership was aimed at providing better services and expanding their payment options.

Ms. Lizi Cabrera, Director, Management Information Service Bureau of IPOPHL asserts that, “The deployment of the system is in support of the agency’s strategic goal of delivering quality, and timely patents and trademarks.  It is one of the online filing systems that seamlessly integrate with the existing core computerized systems of the agency.  The other online filing systems to date are eTMFile (for Trademark applications) and eUMfile (for Utility Model applications).” All 3 e-filing systems can be paid through Dragonpay.

Ms. Lizi Cabrera states that positive feedback from clients, zero annual costs, several payment options for clients aside from credit card, no minimum monthly volume requirement were the reasons why IPOPHL decided to partner with Dragonpay and choose Dragonpay as their payment facility.

Now, when Dragonpay asks Ms. Lizi Cabrera about Dragonpay’s service so far, Ms. Lizi said that Dragonpay met all the IPOPHL requirements for an online payment solution. They did not encounter any difficulty in terms of coordination during the period of configuring their system with Dragonpay. Moreover, there were few technical problems along the way, but these were immediately resolved. She also adds that Dragonpay’s technical team was very helpful, and they even accommodated requests for system adjustment to cater to specific processing requirements of the IPOPHL e-filing system. They consider Dragonpay’s services, both to IPOPHL and their clients, very satisfactory. Furthermore, Ms. Lizi states that Dragonpay technical team’s immediate response to IPOPHL’s concerns and queries always came with suggested solutions that were accommodating and the personal assistance from Dragonpay’s COO/CTO, Mr. Robertson Chiang is very commendable.

Dragonpay offers a wide array of payment channels to choose from especially payment channels that are most convenient to the client. Dragonpay supports over-the-counter, ATM and online banking; Dragonpay also supports payments made through non-banks over-the-counter such as payment or remittance centers.

To all IPOPHL’s clients, you can now file and pay for your new Industrial applications faster and easier!

To know more about this, you can visit this link: http://onlineservices.ipophil.gov.ph/eDesign/

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