Landbank Auto-Debit Arrangement How-to

Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA) allows Dragonpay to deduct recurring or scheduled payments against your registered Landbank bank account.  But for us to do this, you have to give instructions to the bank authorizing us to do so.  This is done by doing the following steps:

  1. Download a soft copy of the the pre-filled Landbank ADA Enrollment Form.  (If you prefer a clean copy, you may download this instead and just copy the details from the pre-filled version).
  2. Under “Name of Institution/Entity (Third Party), fill in your personal details details:
    1. Name of your Institution/Entity – your name or your company’s name (if this is a corporate account to be debited)
    2. Contact Number
    3. Address
  3. Indicate your Savings/Current Account no. to debit by filling up the blocks and indicate the branch where you are maintaining the account.
  4. Print your name and sign at the bottom of the page.
  5. Submit the ADA Enrollment form to your Landbank branch of account.  It can take around 5 banking days before Dragonpay will be notified by Landbank of enrollment completion.  Please make sure to allow adequate time for enrollment before your next payment due date.  You may print 2 copies and keep one for future reference.

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