Level Up to Infinity

Are you ready to change your game? Are you a gamer who wants to earn money while doing what you love at the same time? Then it’s time to get to know Mineski Infinity!  Mineski Infinity is a cost-effective internet cafe which integrates years of cafe management experience by the Philippines’ first and most popular gaming brand, Mineski.

“The idea of starting Mineski Infinity Cyber Café started when the Mineski Team thought of setting up a place focusing on gamers. They came up with it after one incident when their café sponsor during that time made them forfeit one of their tournaments because the café owner says they need to close the shop as it’s already getting late. That’s the start where they’ve decided to make a place that really caters for hardcore gamers. Hence, Mineski Grounds, the first Mineski café, was born.” As told by Mr. Richardson Jacinto, Sales and Marketing Officer of Mineski and The Secret Shop.

Mineski Infinity Cyber Café was not really intended to be a profitable business. But a home for true gamers whom the owners and gamers themselves believed deserved the best facility.  Since they want to promote eSports (general term used to describe video game competitions <http://www.techterms.com/definition/esports>), Mineski launched their latest project which is “The Secret Shop.” < http://www.secretshop.ph/>  Gamers can avail of the latest peripherals, apparels, and many other items online by paying through Dragonpay.

The Secret Shop’s primary goal is to be the number one source and channel for eSports foundations. They use what they get in funding projects to help the eSports growth by making sure that all proceeds really do make its way to the gamers who deserves to be awarded. The Secret Shop not just only sell gadgets and other gaming needs. They believe that it is better to do a win-win situation for “gamers who are willing to help” and “the gamers who deserve some help” by making a sustainable economy of its own.

For the gamers out there, what are you waiting for?  Visit Mineski.net and secretshop.ph today to see how they can help you play better in your game.  According to Mr. Richardson Jacinto, Sales and Marketing Officer of Mineski and The Secret Shop, “We’re currently working directly with our suppliers to give our beloved customers the best deals. We’ll be releasing new gaming gear bundles that will surely help those aspiring gamers and gaming fans to get their gaming gears in a very low price. Also we’re planning to expand our product range. So please always visit our facebook page and our website to know more about our upcoming projects.”

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