Mobile App and Prepaid Credits Announced

August 5, 2015 (MANILA, Philippines) – Dragonpay, the Leader in Online and Alternative Philippine Payment Solutions launched the Dragonpay Mobile App. In its mission of providing innovative payment solutions, the App boast features that will enable its users to pay hassle-free. The App is initially available for Android users.  Registration is free.

One of the main features of the App is the support for prepaid credits, called Dragonpay Credits. Users just have to top-up their Dragonpay Credits via Dragonpay’s wide payment channel offerings which include online banking, over-the-counter bank & non-bank partners and mobile payments.  Dragonpay Credits will allow Dragonpay users to pay real-time using their mobile phones’ camera capability to capture QR Codes.

The App will allow users to easily track their transactions. The Pending section shows what outstanding transactions there are that still need payment. This can serve as a reminder to pay. Users can also validate their payments straight from the App which previously required the user to login to their email to access their Payment Instruction.

The introduction of the Dragonpay Mobile App provides a number of benefits to Dragonpay users. First, there are several Dragonpay merchants who can only accept real-time payments because of the nature of their business such as AirAsia. Clients who don’t have an online banking account can just top-up ahead for Dragonpay Credits so they can pay real-time for their Airasia booking.

Gamers who regularly purchase game credits will also enjoy using the App. Online game publishers usually come in small denominations making it impractical to top-up using the more expensive over-the-counter options. With Dragonpay Credits, they may now top-up in bigger amounts and perform multiple, bite-sized game credit purchases as they wish.

According to Mr. Robertson Chiang, COO of Dragonpay, “There are still some downside with using online banking for payments. It cannot be avoided that banks have regular maintenance downtimes.   During these periods, customers cannot pay using their bank’s facilities. With Dragonpay Prepaid Credits, there are no worries over bank downtimes. Payments are always available and instantaneous!”

Dragonpay will soon be announcing its tie-ups with various loyalty programs to reward frequent customers, especially of the mobile app. Hassle-free payment for online purchases plus rewards! For more information, you may visit for a more detailed instruction of the Dragonpay Mobile App.

About Dragonpay

Dragonpay is a progressive, alternative online payment provider based in the Philippines. Dragonpay enables its partner merchants to accept payments thru local banks and other brick-and-mortar outlets such as convenience stores, payment and remittance centers. Its mission is to provide a more secure and easily available e-commerce payment channel for the broad market.

Dragonpay provides innovative payment solutions to help merchants accept or disburse payments online. We focus on alternative payment channels such as banks, mobile payments, ATM's, and brick-and-mortar payment centers. By doing so, we provide our merchants convenience, better protection against fraud, and low transaction..