Mystery Solving Comes Alive

This day and age calls for the daring, the adventurous, and most especially, the people who breathe in fun and mystery seven days a week. If you think you fit the description, Mystery Manila is the interactive game for you. 1 Room, 1 Mystery, 1 Hour, 1 Way Out – in short, this is what Mystery Manila offers to you. And booking is even made easier with Dragonpay – an online payment solution. The interactive game is a mystery puzzle that will surely keep your hearts pumping and brains swelling just for one purpose; escape. So gather your friends together and undergo a memorable mind-boggling and mind-bonding experience.


mysterymanila2Mystery Manila currently has three locations – Libis, Quezon City, Jupiter Street, Makati City, and Boracay-Malay, Aklan Province. This entails planning before visiting one of their branches because each location offers totally different experiences. Their branch located at Libis offers three thrilling escape games; namely, *Buried Bodies, Reversed Reality, and The Ticking Time Bomb. The Makati branch also holds three mind-fearing games called Rebecca’s Room, World of Wizardry, and *The Sinister Sensorium. Lastly, Boracay Mystery Manila offers four different mysteries waiting to be solved – Villainous Vault, The Chained Chamber, Aztec Adventure, and last but not the least is the exciting Tainted Treasure.

In order to join the games, you must be at least two people in a group (*three for The Sinister Sensorium and Buried Bodies) and a maximum of six people. Prizes are rewarded to those who get to successfully solve the mystery within 60 minutes. Although this remains secondary for the primary reward is the unforgettable experience you will encounter inside the walls of Mystery Manila.

“In Mystery Manila, customer experience is our top priority from start to finish. That’s why when we developed our booking system, we want something that is convenient and secure for our customers when they pay,” said Chuck Chang, one of the co-founders.  “This is where Dragonpay comes in.  Dragonpay, with its secure, simple, and wide number of payment options has helped our booking system to be successful in every possible way. Our customers can pay for their reserved slots as easy as 123—-making it hassle free and very convenient for our customers.”


Joining the mystery requires booking online. Mystery Manila must schedule your run in order to organize each and every group who wants to take on the challenge. Fortunately, anyone and everyone can experience these thrilling games in spite of the absence of credit cards. Mystery Manila offers an online payment solution called Dragonpay. Dragonpay lets you book online and pay over-the-counter through their various payment channels. Therefore if you, your family, and your friends don’t have access to a credit card, Dragonpay is the solution.

So muster all the bravery you can get and enter Mystery Manila. To know more about it, visit To know how to escape the struggling absence of credit cards, visit


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