Online Bills Payment

Dragonpay offers a secure and convenient online bills payment service to help you save time, money, and effort. It’s a quick and easy way to settle your monthly obligations.

Pay Anywhere

Going to payment centers can be a problem if you have a busy schedule. Imagine how much time you can save if you pay your bills online. Our service allows you to make payments anytime and anywhere, so you don’t have to travel, fall in line, and wait for too long. All you have to do is choose from our list of payees, which include banks, utility companies, and home or car financing agencies, and follow the instructions.

You’ll need an online banking login ID and password to make online payments through Dragonpay. Our service is available from Mondays through Saturdays. Browse our site to learn about our office hours.

We provide a quick and easy way to pay for:

-Credit card bills
-Car loans
-Utility bills (electricity, water, etc)

Fast, Secure, and Convenient

Our online bills payment solution ensures more convenience and peace of mind. You can pay your bills in the comfort of your home or office, provided you have an Internet connection. You can complete a transaction in just a few minutes. We use effective security measures to protect your account information against unauthorized access or use. We align our policies with those of the merchants and banking institutions to give you a better service. To help you keep track of your online activities, we provide details about every transaction you make through our payment system.

Contact our customer support department at +63(2)238-2733 or +63(2)404-9199 to learn more about our online payment process. You can also use our Live Chat service to get in touch with one of our team members.

Pay Bills Online

Dragonpay provides innovative payment solutions to help merchants accept or disburse payments online. We focus on alternative payment channels such as banks, mobile payments, ATM's, and brick-and-mortar payment centers. By doing so, we provide our merchants convenience, better protection against fraud, and low transaction..