Securing NBI Clearance Online

Manila, Philippines — 18 May 2015 — Falling in line at the NBI office for almost a whole day is now a thing of the past. With the full implementation of its on-line registration, Appointment and E-payment System, securing an NBI clearance has become faster, easier and more convenient.

From a 6-step process, the new system has considerably reduced the entire process into three (3) steps: 1) On-line registration, appointment and e-Payment; 2) Photo capture & fingerprint biometrics; and 3) Clearance printing.

“The online registration, appointment and e-Payment system is the bureau’s response to provide a more efficient and convenient process of issuing NBI clearance. It is the solution to eradicate queuing at the NBI clearance centers, shorten both waiting and processing time,” said NBI Director Virgilio Mendez.

The improvements and innovations have made the experience of securing the NBI hassle-free and convenient thru the following:

First, register online at NBI Clearance website –  Complete the application form, secure an appointment date then pay the processing fee, which can be made through the various Dragonpay payment channels including online banking, ATM / over-the-counter cash payments and mobile payments.

On appointment date, the applicant may proceed to any  of the seventy two (72) NBI Clearance Processing Centers located nationwide for the Photo Capture and Fingerprint Biometrics (2nd step) and Clearance Printing (3rd step).

For applicants with no Internet access, the NBI, as an initial step, has set up computer workstations at its Main clearance processing center in Manila, free of charge. In so far as the Regional and District Offices are concerned, the same will be attended to very soon.

Director Mendez said “the new NBI Clearance Processing system is a step towards improving the service the NBI provides the various publics. In fact, since the full implementation of the new system early this year, there has seen significant improvements and positive feedback”.

Atty Virgilio L. Mendez - NBI Director

Ariella and Venus secured NBI clearance

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