Send Gifts with a Click

Less than 7 weeks before Christmas! The Philippines is known for having the longest Christmas celebration. As early as September, people start decorating their homes with lights and lanterns. Others are already planning the perfect gift to loved ones.

Filipinos are very fond of giving gifts especially to their families. They do not mind spending extra cash even if it’s not on their budget. This is a common practice of OFWs all over the world. Filipinos go for greener pastures because most of them cannot provide well for their families. So even though it’s hard for them to leave, they still do to provide the necessities of their loved ones and to give them a little luxury.

Spending extra cash on high remittance fees just to be able to send money to their families is not practical. And sometimes the money they sent are being misused. But OFWs don’t have a choice because they think this is the only way to go.

BeamAndGo came up with a solution to this problem faced by OFWs. They came up with the idea to provide a platform that would enable Filipinos from all over the world to provide for their families in the Philippines by directly purchasing goods and services from merchants. These includes groceries, supplies, care and prescription medicines.

The platform will enable the user to purchase and send digital certificates to a recipient in the Philippines. These digital gift certificates can be redeemed immediately at any of the participating stores. Did we mention that these gift certificates can be received with just a mobile phone? With a valid Philippine mobile number of course.

Next question is, how will you know if the gift certificate reached your recipient? By logging in to your account in BeamAndGo, you can view your transactions via a suite of tools to view the status of the gift certificates. The transactions can be viewed both by the sender and the recipient. That’s transparency right there!

So now guess what the service fee is?! Fees start at as low as USD$ 1.99. Another good news is they’ve partnered with Dragonpay to accept payments in several local banks as well as payment and remittance centers.

In an interview with Mr. Jonathan Chua, Co-founder of BeamAndGo he said, “Everyday we are adding new merchants to our platform. And with each addition, we will have a deal that commemorates the new partnership. Past deals included 50% off exclusives with MyPhone, smartphone giveaways, supermarket giveaways and even free concert tickets. We have recently added medical care to our offerings and are providing exclusive deals on health screenings and checkups.”

“Coming soon to the BeamAndGo platform are Gaisano Capital and Super 8 Grocery Warehouse and we will have specials and deals with them too.,” he added.

To know more about BeamAndGo’s platform, visit You can also like their Facebook page ( for the latest updates about their services.

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