Startup Promo

Dragonpay is giving away FREE merchant accounts to startups up to Oct 31, 2016!  Startup must have the following qualifications:

  1. Complete business registration (SEC/DTI, BIR, business permits)
  2. Company must not be older than 18 months (based on SEC/DTI registration)
  3. The product or service being offered must be at least in a development, beta or prototype stage already (cannot be pure idea only)
  4. Merchant must be capable of self-onboarding.  That means, all the needed documents must be submitted via online + courier with no need for physical client visit.  However, feel free to contact us by email for assistance and clarifications on sales and technical matters.

If you meet the above conditions, please email us a softcopy of your business registration papers so we can confirm and send back a softcopy of our Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for signing.  We will charge a minimal Php 500.00 fee to cover administrative expenses such as notarization, courier delivery of documents, and other incidentals.  We will only bill you this fee once your application has been approved.

Once approved, you may send the signed MOA and required business registration documents mentioned above along with a filled-up Merchant Application Form to our backoffice at:

#4 Ruby Street
Barangay Malanday
Marikina City
Tel: (02)730-4072

For more details on this promo, contact [email protected].

Dragonpay provides innovative payment solutions to help merchants accept or disburse payments online. We focus on alternative payment channels such as banks, mobile payments, ATM's, and brick-and-mortar payment centers. By doing so, we provide our merchants convenience, better protection against fraud, and low transaction..